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"Lyrically written and ebbing with suspense, the story of Kayla’s hometown implicates everyone involved for their silence and for the grotesque hero worship that guarantees it. Kayla’s no hero, either, and her journey to finding her truth is as authentically difficult as they come. Halbrook interleaves the stories of before and after chapter by chapter, leading characters and readers to the devastating conclusion. A devastating, important examination of the far-reaching, insidious nature of rape culture."
--Kirkus (starred review)

"EVERY LAST PROMISE is a powerful exploration of friendship and fear and what it means to stay silent in the face of injustice versus the high cost of speaking up. Kayla's search for redemption and homecoming after a night of horrific tragedy is deeply moving."    
 --Stephanie Kuehn, author of the Morris Award-winning Charm & Strange

Perfect for fans of Laurie Halse Anderson and Gayle Forman, Every Last Promise is a provocative and emotional novel about a girl who must decide between keeping quiet and speaking up after witnessing a classmate's sexual assault.
Kayla saw something at the party that she wasn't supposed to. But she hasn't told anyone. No one knows the real story about what happened that night—about why Kayla was driving the car that ran into a ditch after the party, about what she saw in the hours leading up to the accident, and about the promise she made to her friend Bean before she left for the summer.
Now Kayla's coming home for her senior year. If Kayla keeps quiet, she might be able to get her old life back. If she tells the truth, she risks losing everything—and everyone—she ever cared about.

Publisher: HarperTeen (April 21, 2015)
ISBN-10: 0062121294
ISBN-13: 9780062121295

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