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Let’s celebrate books together! 

Kristin (K.D.) Halbrook loves visiting schools, even in this time of remote learning. For the entire 2020 school year, as well as Fall 2021, Kristin will offer virtual visits, exclusively. Each author visit session lasts 45 minutes and costs $250. Individual schools who book three or more sessions in one day receive a 10% discount.

Please look at the offerings below, and then contact Kristin at to arrange your school visit.


Best for grades 1-12

Ideas are all around us! In this workshop, students will hear about where and how Kristin comes up with the ideas for her stories (including how a dog inspired a dragon!) and get motivated to find story ideas of their own. Students will practice several brainstorming activities and learn how to keep an ideas journal to help foster their creative thoughts. They will also learn about what steps to take after they have that first seedling of an idea.


Best for grades 3-12

What are all the steps to getting that beautiful, beautiful book into your hands? In this presentation, Kristin will show students how a book is made, beginning with that annoying itch of an idea, to the wild (and flawed) first drafts, to the editorial letters (with actual examples of revisions), to the cover design process, and more. Learn who helps make a book come alive, and be surprised by how long it all takes! Since she was once a literary agent, Kristin has unique insights into how and why some stories are made into books and others aren’t.


Best for grades 3-12

Whether she’s writing contemporary realistic novels, or high fantasy, Kristin (and all authors!) spends a lot of time researching. Sometimes, it’s as simple as typing a question into a browser search engine. Other times, a much more hands-on approach is required. Find out how Kristin creates realistic world details—even in made up worlds—through her various travels, conversations, and internet black holes, and get tips on how to make your own writing details shine through research. 


Best for grades 3-12

In this workshop, Kristin will reflect on her journey of writing progressively more personal books throughout her writing career, and why that’s been an important step for her and her stories. Students will explore their own identities through hands-on activities that help them discover the often hard-to-see elements of their lives that make them unique, and challenge themselves to bring their personal life experiences to the page to make their stories meaningful and true.


Best for grades 4-12

This interactive presentation is for classes or groups who have read one or more of Kristin’s books and are prepared with questions for her to answer. The session will begin with a short and energetic author read-aloud of a favorite part of one of her books. Then, she will address any aspects of book writing, story creation, idea formation, the publishing process, and even some personal questions (but she has a hard time with “What’s your favorite…” type questions because she loves so many things!). Teachers and/or group leaders are asked to collect and transmit questions in advance of the presentation to make the best use of time.


Best for grades 5-12

Critiques are an essential part of the book-writing experience. Many authors gather a tight-knit circle of beta readers whose specialized skills help with plot issues, character dimension, pacing, and line-level elements. In this workshop, students will explore the roles critique partners play and assess their own strengths as readers to discover how they can best help others improve their writing through positive, encouraging, and honest feedback. There will be a quiz and a “sandwich letter” activity, as well as tips for how to process and use others’ feedback on one’s own work.

School Visit Fees: Virtual school visits are priced individually at $250 per 45 minute session. Schools who book three or more sessions in one day are eligible for a 10% discount.


Do you offer any other discounts? Other than multiple visit discounts, I do not. There are many ways to afford an author in your school. Consider PTA/PTO funds, fundraisers, grants, asking a community service organization, and more. Please consider reaching out to your local library and/or bookstore for additional ideas on how to bring authors into your school.

Will you come to my conference or festival?: When it's safe to travel and interact in person, once more, I'd be happy to.

How do we sell your books? I’d love to get books into as many hands as possible! Reach out to your local bookseller to ask about them hosting book sales. With enough advance planning, discounted books may also be available to order directly from my publisher. Be sure to ask when inquiring about a visit.

Can we book multiple-day visits? Yes! Some workshops are perfect for multiple-day visits, and I’m happy to settle in for longer-term author residencies of a week or more. Ask for more details.

Do you offer non-school visits: Yes! I have taught numerous workshops for adult writers on the process of writing for children and teens, writing query letters, and the publishing industry. I love helping aspiring authors get their work into shape and can offer a unique perspective as a former literary agent. Please inquire for rates.

How do I get in touch with you, again? Email me at

Selected Past Events:

Summer and Fall, 2019: Sno-Isles Library's Write Now Series Writing for Children and Teens, and Writing the Stand-Out Query Letter
Winter, 2019: Faculty at SCBWI Western Washington's The Great Critique
Summer, 2016: Writing for Children and Teens 6-Week Workshop, Hugo House, Seattle, WA
Summer, 2016: Barnes and Noble Bookfest, Bellevue and Seattle, WA
Spring, 2016: YA in WA Tour, Tacoma, Yakima, Tri-Cities, and Spokane, WA
Spring, 2016: Ontario Teen Book Fest, Ontario, CA
Summer, 2015: Cavalcade of Authors West, "Empathy in YA Lit", Tacoma, WA

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